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   Robert Dessaix: What Days are For: A Memoir “The pleasure and elegance of all Dessaix’s writing is in the language, the erudition, the delicate, often unexpected and lovely connections, and the intimate, conversational voice…” – Agnes Nieuwenhuizen, in The Australian


   Ross Coulthart: If People Really Knew: Charles Bean and War

   Andrew Tink: Australia 1901-2001


   Barry Maitland: Crucifixion Creek

   Fiona Palmer: The Sunnyvale Girls

We have moved our email addresses to the supposedly safe gmail.com. Now if only Apple Mail could learn to play well with Gmail! Please go to the Contact Us link above, and send us a brief request asking us to send you our correct email address. Mainly, we have moved our website to a WordPress blog site to allow us to sort our authors by WordPress Category, that is, by Genre. On a small screen, they may be at the very foot of the page.
Genre pages sort automatically into reverse alphabetical listing, from Z to A.


A ‘responsive’ WordPress blog site resizes and redesigns itself automatically for smaller screens like pads or phone screens. Amazing! That’s a bonus!

Authors have their own pages, with the links in correct alphabetical order, listed in the sidebar on a wide screen. We represent the work of many authors, so the list is quite long.

Photo, above right: Charles Bean observes the Great War

Photo, above right: Tink cover

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