All About ALM

BEFORE we start: You must let us know if any agents or publishers have seen any versions of the work you may wish to submit to us. We do not wish you to submit any of your work to other agents or publishers.

To contact us, click the “Contact Us” link above, or send an email directly to:

All About ALM: What does Australian Literary Management do?

1) We actively seek out publishers for the work of writers we represent: book and magazine publishers, film, theatre, radio and television producers, and others.

2) Drawing on over a quarter-century of experience, we supervise the detailed contract relationships between authors and publishers. We make sure our authors get a fair and profitable deal from publishers’ advances and sales royalties.

3) We carefully negotiate overseas rights, translation rights, film rights and opportunities, residual rights, and many other detailed contract matters.

4) We advise publishers how to best promote our authors’ work.

5) We act as a clearing house for publisher payments to authors, checking the promptness and accuracy of payments and passing them on authors after deducting our agency commission (usually a percentage of the authors’ earnings) and any reasonable expenses we might have incurred such as postage and photocopying. We do not charge a fee to join our agency, and we do not charge any other fees.

You might want to know how to bring your work to our attention.

Here’s how: Make sure that we are the only agents who are currently considering your work. Our time is precious, and we do not wish to spend hours reading your submission, only to find that some other agent has just accepted it. To repeat: if some other agent is currently considering your work, DO NOT send it to us.

If you have already sent your manuscript to the major publishers in Australia, and most of them have said no, please don’t send it to us as a last resort. Publishers generally refuse to read a manuscript twice, so we would have no chance of interesting them in your book if they have read it once and said no. So find an agent first, not last.

To save your time, we do not consider work by authors who are not Australian residents, we do not consider scripts of any kind, we do not consider children’s books by unpublished authors, and we do not consider work that has been self-published as either a paper book or an e-book. Please read this again, as some people do misunderstand it: it only applies to writers of scripts, and to writers of children’s books, and to self-published authors, not to general authors who have not had a particular manuscript published.

Australian Business Number: Australian Literary Management is a subsidiary of the company Transcripter Proprietary Limited. Their ABN is 12 061 102 083.