Will Elliott

  Will Elliott

  The Pilgrims


lliott-the-pilgrims-cvrThe Pilgrims: Eric Albright is a twenty-six-year-old journalist living in London. That is to say, he would be a journalist if he got off his backside and did some real work. But this luckless slacker isn’t all bad — he has a soft spot for his sometimes-friend Stuart Casey the homeless old drunk who mostly lives under the railway bridge near his flat.

Eric and Case haunt the arch, waiting for the door to reappear. And when it does, both Eric and Case choose to go through… to the land of Levaal, a world between worlds. A place where a mountain-sized dragon with the powers of a god lies sleeping beneath a great white castle. In the castle, the sinister Lord Vous rules with an iron fist, and the Project, designed to effect his transformation into an immortal spirit, nears completion. But Vous’s growing madness is close to consuming him, together with his fear of an imaginary being named “Shadow.” And soon Eric may lend substance to that fear.

An impossibly vast wall divides Levaal, and no one has ever seen what lies beyond. But otherworlders Eric and Case, known as pilgrims, possess powers that no one in either world yet understands, and soon the wall may be broken. But… What will enter from the other side?

The Pilgrims is no ordinary alternate-world fantasy; with this first volume in The Pendulum Trilogy, Will Elliott’s brilliantly subversive imagination twists the conventions of the genre, providing an unforgettable visionary experience.

Prior Works
Will Elliott was born in Brisbane, Australia. His debut novel, The Pilo Family Circus, co-won the Aurealis Award for best horror, the Golden Aurealis for best novel, and the Australian Shadows Award. “This is a first novel of real promise. At his best, Elliott writes with a power commensurate with the originality of his vision. It is not just that he has unusually nasty visions to put on the page, but he has the ability to make us share them” Times Literary Supplement.
Nightfall: Journey into a strange and atmospheric world and enjoy this wildly entertaining story. Intensely written, dark and brooding, the bizarre, grotesque and magical characters will lead you into the depths of the imagination to confront the nature of storytelling and reality, love and loss.

elliott-inside-cvrInside Out: Mason has no qualms about getting his hands on Denton’s inheritance, even if it means disposing of Denton — permanently. But Mason doesn’t bank on the characters ‘inside’ Denton: Mr Scott, who runs the logic department; Dream Master, the enigma creating Denton’s dreams; Len, who enjoys inventing nightmares; and Wetpatch, who runs amok with Denton’s libido. They realise that something is very wrong… and they will do whatever it takes to save him.

“This is a funny, clever book that is postmodern without being pretentious and meta without being contrived” — Bookseller and Publisher