Susan Fraser: Déjà Vu

Susan Fraser is an Australian living in France. Her first novel, Déjà Vu, is a beautifully written account of a couple who get another chance at life. fraser-dejavu-cvr

The novel opens with Annie and Marc driving through the pouring rain. They are having a row and have decided the best solution would be to separate. When they arrive home they hear their son upstairs on the computer. The door bell rings and the son, Charlie, races downstairs to answer it.

A policeman is standing in the doorway. He tells the boy there has been a car accident and both his parents are dead. And so begins a journey back in time to see if the course of their lives can be changed.

Susan Fraser trained as a lawyer. She taught French and English in Sydney and later in Paris. She now lives in Northern France with her son and her French husband. Déjà Vu has been sold into Germany, Russia and Turkey.