Vicki Hastrich

A new author with a great gift for humour and characterisation.

Her second novel, The Great Arch, was inspired by real people and events involving the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge which began in the 1920s.

Henri Mallard


The Reverend Ralph Cage becomes obsessed. He sets out to minutely chronicle the building of the great arch and to draw himself into the orbit of its human and spiritual grandeur. But Ralph is tragically ill-equipped for his own mighty task.

Prior work
Vicki’s 2001 novel Swimming with the Jellyfish evokes an Australian country town through the eyes of an eccentric woman, still coming to terms with the disappearance of her mother twenty years ago. The novel has a fantastic cast of characters: the pale, body-pierced librarian; the retired football hero with an interest in local history; and the socialite wife who escapes the seaside town for night-time window shopping in the city. Swimming with the Jellyfish was published by Simon & Schuster Australia in 2001.

Photo: Henri Mallard, Building the Sydney Harbour Bridge,1930s.