Anne Kennedy

kennedy-costume-cvrAnne Kennedy is a New Zealand author. Her new novel is The Last Days of the National Costume which is about illicit love, sewing, blackouts and Belfast.

It is narrated by the seamstress GoGo Sligo, who is one of the funniest, wisest observers of all time — with a unique and spellbinding voice. As GoGo listens and sews, she is also helping her fellow citizens cheat and lie to their husbands and wives. She’s covering their tracks so they won’t be found out.

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Anne Kennedy’s first novel was an experimental work titled 100 Traditional Smiles (Victoria University Press 1988). She then went on to write Musica Ficta (UQP 1993) and A Boy and His Uncle (Picador Australia 1998). Her most recent work was the screenplay for The Monkey’s Mask, a highly successful film based on Dorothy Porter’s verse novel. Anne is also a well known and award winning poet.