Grace Tobin: Deal with the Devil

  Grace Tobin

  Deal with the the Devil


Deal with the Devil. Cover image.

After Matt Leveson disappeared in September 2007, his parents Mark and Faye spent ten years searching bushiand for his body.They also pursued Matt’s older boyfriend, Michael Atkins, who denied involvement with their son’s disappearance. Atkins was a serial liar, but to expose his deceit and find Matt’s body, in late 2016 the Levesons made a deal with the devil: Atkins received immunity from prosecution in exchange for revealing where he had buried Matt. He claimed that Matt had died of a drug overdose and wasn’t murdered.

Deal with the Devil
is the story of the Leveson family from the journalist who was closest to them throughout the four-year police reinvestigation of Matt’s case.There is an unnerving insight into Atkins’ past from exclusive interviews with his exboyfriends, lovers and former friends. Above all, what emerges is a portrait of two parents bound by their public quest to achieve justice for their son.