David Marr and Marian Wilkinson: Dark Victory

Dark Victory
In August 2001 a Norwegian cargo ship came across a sinking ferry off the coast of Australia. Those on board were mainly Afghans. The Captain of The Tampa picked up the people and tried to land in Australia but was refused permission, setting off an international incident.
tampa-the-ageDark Victory is the inside story of the Tampa crisis and the political strategy that powered it; of how the Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard, seized on the issue of ‘border protection’ to start a scare campaign and bring his party back from the politically dead.

Award-winning writer David Marr and Marian Wilkinson are accomplished investigative journalists, who burrow deep into the world of spin-doctors, bureaucrats and the military to unravel this extraordinary saga.

An updated version of this highly successful book has recently been released by Allen & Unwin.

Australia/New Zealand (Allen & Unwin, October 2002)

Photo of the Tampa courtesy the Melbourne Age.