Robert Milliken

Robert Milliken is an acclaimed international journalist. His latest work is Mother of Rock: The Lillian Roxon Story, a biography of Lillian Roxon, the fast-living Australian journalist who compiled the world’s first Rock Encyclopedia and who died tragically in New York in 1973 aged 41.

It was published by Black Inc. in Australia in 2002. US publisher Thunder’s Mouth Press (at released their edition in 2005, and a new edition was released by Black Ink in 2010.

A documentary on Lillian Roxon, inspired by the biography, premiered at the Melbourne International Film Festival in 2010, and was shown on SBS-TV. Film rights to the book have been sold to Decade Films.

In 1986 Robert published No Conceivable Injury (Penguin) regarded as the definitive account of the British atomic weapon tests at Maralinga, in the Australian desert.