Fiona Palmer


Three friends embark on a luxury cruise to celebrate their ten-year reunion. But long-held secrets can catch up with even the best of friends.

Abbie had it all: a career, a loving boyfriend and a future, but a visit to the doctor bears scary news. Her world is tumbling down and she feels adrift at sea.

Ricki, a dedicated nurse, harbours a dream she hasn’t chased. Is she actually happy or stuck in a rut?

Jess, a schoolteacher and single mother to little Ollie, had a tough upbringing but found her way through with the help of her closest friend, Peter. But Peter has bought an engagement ring and is ready to propose to Ricki

Secrets Between Friends is a poignant story of romance, family dynamics and friendships from beloved Australian storyteller Fiona Palmer.

The Family Secret

Fiona Palmer has well and truly earned her place as a leading writer of one of Australia’s much loved genres.’  — Countryman

Kim Richards is a creative woman of the land, a rural ambassador who’s renowned for her contribution to her community. But deep down, she’s lonely. She’s already watched the man she loves fall for someone else, and her dream of starting her own family feels like it’s slipping through her fingers.

Enter Charlie McNamara, an older man who’s arrived in Lake Grace on business. Sparks fly between Kim and Charlie, but he seems to have a hidden agenda and a past he’s trying to hide.

They’re both drawn to local hermit Harry, a Vietnam veteran who’s haunted by memories from the war. What ties these three lost souls together? Can they solve a long-held family mystery and heal fractures of the heart?

From one of Australia’s favourite storytellers comes a heartwarming story spanning three generations about when to fight and when to surrender — and how new love can heal old wounds.

‘Family, friendship, love and community with a thoroughly authentic Australian flavour.’ Goodreads

The Saddler Boys
‘Fiona Palmer just keeps getting better’ Rachael Johns
The Saddler Boys - cover image
The Saddler Boys – cover image

Schoolteacher Natalie has always been a city girl. She has a handsome boyfriend and a family who give her only the best. But she craves her own space, and her own classroom, before settling down into the life she is expected to lead. When Nat takes up a posting at a tiny school in remote Western Australia, it proves quite the culture shock, but she is soon welcomed by the inquisitive locals, particularly young student Billy and his intriguing single father, Drew.

As Nat’s school comes under threat of closure and Billy’s estranged mother turns up out of the blue, Nat finds herself fighting for the township and battling with her heart. Torn between her society life in Perth and the rural community that needs her, Nat must risk losing it all to find out what she’s really made of – and where she truly belongs.

‘Palmer’s passion for the land bleeds into the story, and her scenes are vivid and genuine, just as her characters are.’ Book’d Out

‘Fiona Palmer has well and truly earned her place as a leading writer of one of Australia’s much-loved genres.’ Countryman

The Sunnyvale Girls

Three generations of Stewart women share a deep connection to their family farm, but a secret from the past threatens to tear them apart.

Widowed matriarch Maggie remembers a time when the Italian prisoners of war came to work on their land, changing her heart and her home forever. Single mum Toni has been tied to the place for as long as she can recall, although farming was never her dream. And Flick is as passionate about the farm as a girl could be, despite the limited opportunities for love.

When a letter from 1946 is unearthed in an old cottage on the property, the Sunnyvale girls find themselves on a journey into their own hearts and across the world to Italy. Their quest to solve a mystery leads to incredible discoveries about each other, and about themselves.

Top Ten ROMANCE FICTION Source: Nielsen BookScan, week ending Nov22

1 CAPTIVATED BY YOU Sylvia Day, Penguin, $19.99
2 FIFTY SHADES OF GREY E. L. James. Arrow Books, $19.99
3 OUTBACK GHOST Rachael Johns, Mira, $29.99
4 SUMMER DAYS Nora Roberts, Harlequin Mills & Boon, $27.99
5 THE SUNNYVALE GIRLS Fiona Palmer, Michael Joseph, $29.99
6 BY WINTER’S LIGHT Stephanie Laurens, Mira, $24.99
7 AFTER Anna Todd, Gallery, $19.99
8 FIFTY SHADES DARKER E. L. James, Arrow Books, $19.99
9 FIFTY SHADES FREED E. L. James, Arrow Books, $19.99
10 DIRTY ROWDY THING Christina Lauren, Simon & Schuster, $17.99

Prior work

The Outback Heart

Indianna Wilson is a country girl, and she’ll do anything she can to save her beloved home town from disappearing off the map — even if she has to die trying. She entices Troy Mitchell to her tiny outback town, with hopes that he can bring a breath of fresh air to the Saints football club and lift the wider farming community.

The most heartfelt and moving novel yet from favourite Australian rural romance writer and bestselling author of The Family Farm.

“Fiona Palmer has well and truly earned her place as a leading writer of one of Australia’s much loved genres, rural romance.” Countryman

Rights: Penguin Australia

The Road Home

When your life is at a crossroads, how do you find the road home? Lara and Jack have a powerful attraction for each other, but are constantly at odds. Will their love of the same land keep them apart, or grow into a love of a different kind?
From the bestselling author of The Family Farm and Heart of Gold comes a heartwarming novel about finding your true place in the world, and the healing power of the land.

Heart of Gold

C J Wishart’s job as a wool classer is back-breaking, her family life is a disaster and, after a string of dating debacles, she has put men in the too-hard basket. When strong, handsome Lindsay arrives on the scene as their new shearer, C J can’t help but take notice. They have an undeniable spark, but can she handle the complications and potential heartbreak of falling in love?

Fiona Palmer lives in the tiny rural town of Pingaring in Western Australia. She received a mentorship for her first novel, The Family Farm. She has extensive farming experience, drives the local mail run, and was a speedway-racing driver for seven years. She currently works two days a week at the local shop, in between writing her next book and looking after her two small children.

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