Glyn Parry

In the summer of 1976, Frank and Laura travel down south to a cottage by the sea with their son Toby. Toby lays bare all that he sees. It is the summer Frank is called away and Laura meets a man in the street. It is a summer of fragile lives and uncertain times, of loss and longing, and secrets that can destroy. It is the summer where one phone call changes a marriage forever.

Published in 2007 by Fremantle Arts Centre Press.

Prior work

Glyn’s novels include Monster Man, LA Postcards, Radical Takeoffs, Stoked and Mosh.

Sad Boys and Scooter Boy were published by Hodder Headline in 1998 and 1999.

A recent title was Invisible Girl, published by Fremantle Arts Centre Press in 2003.


Glyn Parry is a highly talented award-winning writer for young adults. The Ocean Road is his first adult novel.