Genna de Bont


Is it better not to know?

Thirty-five-year-old Wren Fox lives with his mother, Bernie, in a run-down house in country Victoria. They’ve always led a simple life, unperturbed by the knowledge that others find them eccentric.

privacy-de-bont-cvrWhen Wren stumbles across an explicit blog page belonging to his employer’s sister, Madeline Stanley, his straightforward view of life is thrown into turmoil. Wren quickly becomes obsessed with Madeline’s two online journals and, upon discovering that a stalker is involved, finds himself behaving in unexpected ways.

With the knowledge he has covertly gained, he is eventually forced out of his shell and into action in ways he never could have anticipated — ways that will decide his own future and that of the Stanleys.

Rights: World: HarperCollins / Fourth Estate, 2013

The Pepper Gate

For successful artist Mallory Smith, painting has always been an escape — from his lonely childhood, his turbulent relationships with his three wives, and the birth of a daughter with a severe disability. But art is failing him now. The Pepper Gate is a compelling and unpredictable novel about building relationships and deconstructing the past.

Rights: Australia and New Zealand: University of Queensland Press, 2007