Glyn Parry

In the summer of 1976, Frank and Laura travel down south to a cottage by the sea with their son Toby. Toby lays bare all that he sees. It is the summer Frank is called away and Laura meets a man in the street. It is a summer of fragile lives and uncertain times, of loss and longing, and secrets that can destroy. It is the summer where one phone call changes a marriage forever.

Published in 2007 by Fremantle Arts Centre Press.

Prior work

Glyn’s novels include Monster Man, LA Postcards, Radical Takeoffs, Stoked and Mosh.

Sad Boys and Scooter Boy were published by Hodder Headline in 1998 and 1999.

A recent title was Invisible Girl, published by Fremantle Arts Centre Press in 2003.


Glyn Parry is a highly talented award-winning writer for young adults. The Ocean Road is his first adult novel.

Kerrie O’Connor

Kerrie is a journalist turned fantasy writer.

Her first children’s book Through the Tiger’s Eye (Allen & Unwin) is a spellbinding story suffused with humour. Rights have been sold to Mondodori in Italy.

Book 2 in this trilogy, By The Monkey’s Tail, has just been released with Book 3 to follow.

Kerrie’s illustrated children’s book, Little Jingle Says No!, was also published by Allen and Unwin in 2006.

Christine Harris


Christine is a prolific and popular author for young readers.

Raven Lucas 1: Missing.

Raven Lucas appears to have everything. But something is missing from her life. Her father. He has disappeared, suddenly, mysteriously, with no words of goodbye. Has he simply left his family and didn’t have the courage to explain why? Is he dead, either by his own hand or another’s? Has he been kidnapped? But why has there been no ransom demand? Raven is determined to find out what happened to him. Even if it kills her. And it just might.

harris-rl2dr-cvrRaven Lucas 2: Dead Wrong

Raven Lucas is searching for her missing dad, Elliott. But the clues don’t add up and Raven knows now that her father had dangerous enemies. A journalist with a grudge, a relentless relative, kidnapping, and a mysterious car crash add to the threats. Raven needs all of her courage and ingenuity to follow the trail where it leads. Especially when any step could be dead wrong.
“believable and engaging… a high-tension storyline, full of surprises… a strong new series” – Australian Bookseller and Publisher

Prior Work:
Her young adult novel, Foreign Devil (Random House, 1999), won an Aurealis award for best novel in the horror genre. Random House published her collection of witty anecdotes Oddballs in 1998 and have also released Warped, a bizarre collection of short stories. An illustrated book I Don’t Want to go to School, with Craig Smith, was released by Random in January 2000 and has proved very popular.

The Little Book of Elephants was published in March 2000 by Hodder Headline, who have also published a three-book series, Brain Drain, Windbag and Psycho Gran. Christine’s other titles include Hairy Legs, Sleeping In and Jamil’s Shadow.

Christine’s series Spy Girl, made up of four volumes, has been published by Scholastic in Australia, Britain, the US, Japan and Brazil.

Christine’s latest series, Audrey of the Outback, has been published by Little Hare. The first volume has been short-listed for the year’s Children’s Book Council awards. The second volume, Audrey Goes to Town, was followed by .