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How do you make your desktop computer browser window wider or narrower? On a Mac, you place your mouse arrow over the bottom right-hand corner of the browser window, LEFT-click to “grab” the corner, and drag to the right, or to the left, or up and down, if you like. Hint: if you use this method to make the page very small, you can see how the page automatically redesigns itself for e.g. a phone screen.

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Categories: our authors’ work is classified according to Category, and there is a list of Categories (called “Authors and their Genres” here) in the sidebar. For example, click on “Sport”, and you should be able to look at the entry for Christine Wallace’s book on the letters of leading cricket player Donald Bradman, titled The Private Don, as well as other authors and their books relating to “Sport”.

This is a WordPress site. WordPress is designed as a blog, not a Content Management System, so all Categories (i.e. “Genres”) are sorted in reverse date order, which translates to reverse alphabetical order. You may well want to ask why it is so difficult to change that, without a four-year degree in PHP programming.

Also, each author has a link to their page.