Prof Michael Valenzuela

Professor Michael Valenzuela recently established and leads the Regenerative Neuroscience Group (RNG) at the Brain and Mind Research Institute, University of Sydney. He is a problem solver by heart.

Michael’s background is in psychology, clinical medicine and neuroscience research, and previously was a Senior Research Fellow at the School of Psychiatry, UNSW. In 2006, Prof Valenzuela received the Australian Museum’s Eureka Prize for Medical Research, and in 2010 a NHMRC Excellence Award for the top-ranked clinical Career Development Award.

Michael believes that dementia is a critical challenge for our ageing society and dedicates a lot of time to communicating healthy brain ideas to the public. In 2011, he released a popular-science book in this area, MAINTAIN YOUR BRAIN, and was part of the Alzheimer’s Australia team that developed BrainyApp, the world’s first iPhone app designed to help users maximise their long-term brain health.